Monday, 17 December 2012

Translating Process

                Translation is one of many subject in a English department. this subject is study about translating. in Indonesian ( Bahasa Indonesia), translation has meaning "terjemahan" . Translation is a process reform Source Language into Target language.

                In translating process, there are two unsure that must be accurate. The first is form and the second is content.
1.       Form is consist of word formed, structure, and grammatical.
2.       Content is including by meaning, and message or information.

Besides that, there are two main manners in translation process.
1.       Old manner: translating in a perfect similarly meaning from SL (source language) to TL (target language).
2.       Modern Manner: updating of meaning or message from content in a perfect similarly from SL to TL.

In Translating process, we just can to change the form of Target language by reason:
·      Maintaining content, so that not changed.
·     Made Target language so natural and agreed with rule of language (target language).

How about the concept in translating process?
Concept in translating process divided in two manners, the manner is below:

       1. Old Concept

  2. New Concept

Here, I will give some ways in translating process. But in here I just have four ways. . The four way is:

1.       Word to word: in this translating, we just translating every word.
For example:      The sun is rising in the morning
                                Itu Matahari adalah terbit didalam itu pagi

2.       Katawi : Translating sentences by form.
Example: The sun is rising in the morning.
                   Matahari itu terbit di pagi itu.

3.       Idiomatic : Translating sentences based idiom.
Example: The sun is rising in the morning
                    Matahari terbit di pagi hari

4.       Free translating: translating sentences without take on of rule, or ungrammatically.
Example: the sun is rising in the morning
                  Matahari cerah biasanya terbit setiap pagi hari.

Nah, sekian dulu untuk artikel yang satu ini. Semoga saja bermanfaat bagi anda.terima kasih atas kunjungannya, dan jangan lupa koment atau kritikannya untuk bahan perbaikan nantinya

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